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Music Supervisor

Gary Seeger | Music Supervisor | Trackdown Studios

Gary is Trackdown’s Music Supervisor. With over 30 years experience in the music and film business, Gary’s passion has taken him on an eclectic and interesting journey through music licensing, soundtrack label management, artist management, and publishing, to the creation of seegerMUSIC - a music supervision service for film/TV producers. He's worked with oodles of artists, from the unknowns that nearly had a hit all the way through to Powderfinger.


Gary has negotiated and licensed songs for many film and television productions, such as “Please Like Me”, “A Place to Call Home”, “Jack Irish”, ”Rake”, “Felony”, “Wolf Creek 2”, “The Sapphires” and “Disgrace”.


As music supervisor, his recent credits include "Colin from Accounts", “Dive Club”, “Harrow”, “The Invisible Man” and “I am Woman”.

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