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Head of Sound & Music / Supervising Music Editor

Tim Ryan | Head of Sound and Music | Trackdown Studios

Tim is a Trackdown director and the Head of Sound & Music. As Australia's Leading Music Editor with over 30 years experience, he boasts an impressive list of credits, including "Boy Swallows Universe", "Faraway Downs", "The Pope's Exorcist", “Mortal Kombat”, “Bump” (Seasons 1-3), “Peter Rabbit” 1 & 2, “Lion”, “The LEGO Movie”, “Gods of Egypt”, “The Great Gatsby”, "Happy Feet" 1 & 2, and “Moulin Rouge”.


He has applied his expertise in post audio production, sound engineering and mixing, to acts such as The Saints, Chris Bailey, Paul Kelly and The Robertson Brothers. In addition to coordinating the audio for Yoram Gross Village Roadshow, YG-EMTV and Flying Bark television productions, Tim has worked on numerous award-winning documentaries.


Together with Simon Leadley, Tim was presented with an MPSE Golden Reel award for Music Editing, and a Special Achievement Award from the Australian Screen Sound Guild for their extraordinary work on “Moulin Rouge”. In 2014, Tim was again recognised for his outstanding Music Editing with an MPSE Golden Reel Award for "The Great Gatsby”.


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