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IN CINEMAS: Back Of The Net

Audio Post and Music Production by Trackdown

Trackdown is excited to announce that Back Of The Net hits cinemas in Australia during the 2019 Easter Holidays.

Back of the Net is a feature film produced by The Steve Jaggi Company.

Featuring Disney teen star Sofia Wylie, the film was produced in the Illawarra in April 2018 and released theatrically in April 2019.

The plot involves American teenager Bailey who ends up at the Harold Soccer Academy after catching the wrong bus. She then completes a semester at the soccer school, where she battles with the star soccer player Evie, who makes life difficult for Bailey. However, as the school hosts the National Soccer Tournament, she is determined to beat Evie’s team in the finals.

Trackdown's Geoff Watson and Elaine Beckett were Executive Producers on the film and Trackdown Studios looked after all the Audio and Music Post Production for the project.

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